Welcome to anyone and everyone

by Moderator @, Sunday, September 04, 2016, 20:03 (445 days ago)

This is a place of discussion. Arguments and disagreements are acceptable,
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Please, no violence; just discussion.

Welcome to anyone and everyone

by Philip Voerding @, USA, Friday, November 04, 2016, 18:37 (384 days ago) @ Moderator

Peace everyone.

I became a 12er Shia Muslim in 1999 after learning about Islam and its history an movements for several years. The Mutazilites are of interest to me because of their relationship to Zaidi and 12er Shia thought on the one hand, and early Hanafi Sunni thought on the other. I have the book Defenders of Reason in Islam which I purchased just about the time I became a Muslim. Recently, I download a sample for my Kindle of the Kindle book Mutazila - use of Reason in Early Islam o decide if I want to purchase it or not. Many of the books available are out of my price range, so I may just purchase Mutazila.

It doesn't seem like anyone is here, but if a chat gets going, I'll join in.

Hello Brother Philip

by Muhammad Ali @, Egypt, Wednesday, January 04, 2017, 20:56 (323 days ago) @ Philip Voerding

I Just Discovered Your Website Now , and Glad to see a Mutazzelli Revival Again , However i'm Not Mutazzelli My Self , But very Interested about them and their theology . Keep Up The Good Work of Enlightement .;-)

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